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Classified Ad Rates for Listing Puppies and Adult Dogs Only
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All Payments are made through PayPal.

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PayPal allows American & Canadian customers to pay with any credit card.

Please Note - WARNING:
Bestway Marketing reserves the right to refuse any advertising submitted,
or to cancel any advertising accepted upon refund of payments made.
We do not accept ads if, in our opinion, the puppies are being
placed at too early an age, i.e. earlier than 7 - 8 weeks.

We do not accept ads from dealers who acquire dogs for resale.
We may not accept an ad if, in our sole opinion, it runs counter
to our philosophy of good responsible dog breeding.

Editor reserves the right to make stylistic changes.
No prices may be included in the ads.
We do not publish website links.

We are now publishing puppy/adult dog pictures.

American Customers Costs:

Cost for 2 Months (US Funds):
Basic Listing (Name, Phone, Fax, E-mail Link + Words of Description):



$  38.95

$  38.95

Note:  You can have a picture of your puppies published - No extra cost.

Canadian Customers Costs:

Cost for 2 Months (Cdn Funds + GST):
Basic Listing (Name, Phone, Fax, E-mail Link + Words of Description):

HST (#12978 5887 RT0001):



$  34.99

$   4.55

$  39.54

Note:  You can have a picture of your puppies published - No extra cost.

Here's how to submit your ad. - It's easy!

    1.    Fill in the Form below.
    2.    Submit your ad.
    3.    Pay for your ad.
    4.    Send a large size j-peg picture of dogs/pups,
            about 600 x 800 pixels, by regular e-mail.
            It must be as an e-mail attachment to:


Classified Ad Listing Information Form
Please do NOT use ALL upper case letters or ALL lower case letters,
Especially e-mail addresses - be accurate!

Certain Fields are Required.
If you don't fill them in you will get an error message
and the form will not send!

1st Person. - Full Name:  (Required)
2nd Person. - Full Name:  (Optional)
Kennel Name:  (Optional)
Breed of Dog:  (Required)
Street & No. or Box Address:  (Required)
Address Continued:  (Optional)
Town or City:  (Required)
State or Province:  (Required)
Zip/Postal Code:  (Required)
Phone No:  (Required)
Fax No:  (Optional)
e-mail:  (Required - Be CASE accurate!)
E-mail Repeated:  (Required)

If you goof your e-mail address, You won't get a confirmation from us!

Please note we do not publish website URLs in this section.

Do you want your mailing address published?
The Default is No


Will you be sending a picture by separate e-mail?
The Default is Yes


Date of birth of pups or adult:  (Required)
Month   Day   Year
Earliest date available:  (Required)
Month   Day   Year
Written Health Guarantees Provided? (Required)        Yes     No
Vet checked & Certificate Provided? (Required)          Yes     No
Inoculations up to date for age of pup(s)? (Required)     Yes     No
Have puppies been wormed? (Required)                      Yes     No
Dewclaws Removed (If it's done in breed)? (Required)    Yes     No
Tails docked (If it's done in breed)? (Required)            Yes     No
Is Litter Registered with AKC or CKC? (Required)       AKC Yes     CKC Yes     No
AKC = American Kennel Club;   CKC = Canadian Kennel Club

We believe puppies should remain with their mother until at least 7 week old, preferably 8 weeks minimum,
otherwise the puppy is deprived of social developments which could lead to temperament problems later on.
We will not knowing accept ads from breeders who place their puppies younger than 7 weeks.

Placing puppies at 5 or 6 weeks of age is indicative of "Puppy Mill" behavior.
We do not accept ads from suspected "Puppy Mill" breeders

What Gets Published in your Ad?

Breed of Dog, Date of Birth, Date Available, Your Name(s),
Kennel Name (optional), Phone, Fax, E-mail Link, Mailing Address (optional) + a word description


Description Words (Use approximately 21- 25 Words).
Suggested Topics for Mention:
Puppy Colors - sizes available.   Inoculation shots, wormed.
Parents OFA, CERF, PennHip etc. (Very Important!)
Puppies Home-raised and socialized?   Shipping yes?
Anything else you want to mention.

Each box allows up to a 12 letter word.   If you need to run over into the next box with a larger word,
that's okay.   Every word counts as a word.   Hyphenated words are counted as separate words.

Prices may NOT be included.

Do not use ALL UPPER CASE or all lower case letters.

DO NOT REPEAT the Field Words already filled in above i.e. Names, Addresses Phone/fax/e-mail etc.

Payment - Is by means of PayPal.

Payment must be received before ad is published.

Got any Questions or Comments?

Send seperately, your properly identified puppy picture.  A large j-peg picture is best.
Send by e-mail, as an "attachment", to:

Please Double Check Your E-mail Address (Upper and Lower Case - Correct??)
If it is wrong, we won't be able to reach you!   Use "Copy and Paste" to be sure!
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