Warning to Puppy Buyers

Buyers take warning!
Puppy Buyers take warning! Bestway Marketing & Information Systems, sole owner of Dogbiz.com, makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of dogs or puppies advertised on this website. We do not know these breeders, nor are we aware as to their character, honesty, frankness, quality of animals advertised, and/or quality of breeding stock.
Also take notice that Dogbiz.com is currently unaware of any complaints, wrongdoing, suspensions or perhaps even convictions for cruelty to animals by any of these breeders. Dogbiz.com hopes that they are like most people, honest folks, and with nice puppies for sale, but it is for the buyer to satisfy him/herself on that score.
What to look for: Some breeds are more prone to genetically inherited problems such as hip dysplasia, or eye problems such as pre-retinal atrophy. You as a puppy buyer need to be aware of these problems. You need to ask questions about the breed that interests you before you enter the buying phase. Ask a Veterinarian. Diligent breeders know about these potential problems and do the responsible thing, have all their breeding stock screened and tested by the various organizations established for those purposes and most of which give a registration number for each animal found to be "clear" or within acceptable limits for that particular problem. Responsible breeders breed only animals within the acceptable limits, and are willing to disclose the clearance numbers duly assigned to their animals. Responsible breeders will stand behind the quality of their puppies, and offer a written, signed, and dated contract including a health guarantee, not just a signed health certificate from a Vet showing certain vaccinations have been administered, also very important to have, but not a legal agreement between you and the breeder.
Dogs not Registered: The AKC - American Kennel Club and the CKC - Canadian Kennel Club do not recognize every breed. Therefore you cannot get registration papers for those breeds. They might be recognized by another registry organization, in Europe for example, and the breeder may have proper registration papers. Some breeders may breed unregistered dogs and offer them for sale as purebred. Not only is this unethical, it is against the law. It is not against the law to produce these puppies, or sell them, but if they say that they are purebred that is illegal. You have every right to buy these unregistered puppies, but be aware that they can never be registered nor shown in AKC or CKC regular events etc. These unregistered puppies therefore do not have the same monetary value as purebred dogs.
Ask questions. Not only should you write to the breeder with questions, but you should follow-up with a phone call. You can ask for references, and if given any, you should follow-up with those as well. Ask if the breeders are members of any breed clubs. It's not a iron clad guarantee of quality, but most breed clubs do have a code of ethics, and expect their members to live up to the rules. Not all ethical breeders however, belong to clubs. Ask if the breeder shows his dogs in competition. Those that do, usually are particular about breeding their bitches to excellent quality stud dogs. Do not be overly impressed by breeders who brag that "both parents are on the premises." Many conscientious breeders do not keep stud dogs! They carefully choose, and send their bitches to the very best stud dogs, ones that they have seen and examined at dog shows, ones that will compliment the conformation of their bitch. That's what good breeding is all about!
Summing up! If, after your discussion with the breeder, you do not feel comfortable in dealing with him/her/them, then get in touch with someone else, perhaps the breed club - see clubs section. Do not buy a puppy on a whim, think carefully about it. Do the responsible thing and get a breed book or a training book for puppies. See your local library, or have a look at the books we offer. Do it, and enjoy your puppy more.