Liquid Glucosamine is Better Says New Research

by J.R. Rogers

Up until recently, glucosamine was available in two forms. These were topical analgesics and pill/capsule form.
Glucosamine based topical analgesics, in testing, has been shown to temporarily reduce pain in the direct area where applied as it penetrates the skin, but there is no real lasting effect.

Glucosamine capsules on the other hand, are better suited to reducing the pain over a long period of time and stopping the progression of osteoarthritis joint deterioration. By using pills, however, one is still not realizing the full potential of glucosamine. This is for two reasons.
First, almost all, 99.7%, of the glucosamine pills on the market only contain 10% glucosamine. While this is all the glucosamine that is needed, believe it or not, the other 90% of the pill is simply filler, meaningless filler that provides no benefit to you and only pads the companies' profits.
Also, the quality of the glucosamine in these pills is not very good. I know now that you should not buy any glucosamine product unless it is made from the best quality available, pharmaceutical grade.

Why Your Previous Glucosamine Products May Not Have Worked

New outside research has shown that glucosamine in a different form can double the benefits received and dramatically reduce the time it takes for results to be noticed. This new form is a liquid glucosamine. Glucosamine in liquid form offers quite a few benefits over powdered pills. Here's a comparison:

Topical Analgesics Pills/Capsules/Powder Liquid Glucosamine
Apply Topical Cream X
Swallow Pill X
Ingest Liquid X
Quickest Absorption X
Fullest Absorption X
Fastest Pain Relief X
Lasting Pain Relief X X
Longest Lasting Pain Relief X

As you can see, the efficacy of this new form is much better, meaning quicker and fuller arthritis pain relief for sufferers.
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