Selling Puppies on the Internet

Selling Pups on the Internet

Committed to Excellence:

Dogbiz is totally committed to having an excellent presence on the internet. We achieve this by having every page professionally designed and optimized so that the major search engines will index us high on any number of keywords or keyword phrases.  We are continually tweaking our pages to achieve top ratings which means your ad will be seen.  Many of our advertisers have been with us for 5 & 6 years.
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Conscientious, Experienced Dog Breeders only:

If you are a conscientious breeder deeply committed to your special breed, perhaps you can qualify for a breeder's ad on All ads are scrutinized before they are published.  We look for certain basic criteria which is required, and other optional things, but which show a commitment to the breed.   We want breeders who:  Breed only thoroughly tested stock, clear of known problems, if any, in their breed, and who give a meaningful, written health guarantee with any puppy or adult dog they sell.  If breeders compete with their dogs in conformation, obedience or other recognized events, and are club members, so much the better for credibility.  Ads are not carved in stone which means breeders may update their ads any time necessary, i.e. a new litter, without additional cost. Note, we also allow pictures in your listing.  Breeders Get Listed!

Other People who have an Occasional Litter:

Lots of people, non professional breeders may have a litter of puppies to sell.  Dogbiz has a special place for this in our Classified Ads.  This section is visited by thousands of people, daily, looking for a puppy for sale.  Once again, there are certain required standards.  We will not list litters under 7 weeks of age.  We will not mention prices.  Got puppies to sell?  Selling Puppies
We guarantee to give you excellent service, such that you will be willing to recommend us to others.
Dogbiz Management Team