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Brittany Spaniels
Brittany dog, often called the Brittany Spaniel, plus a Brittany Spaniel picture. For conformation details on this hunting dog see Brittany Spaniel dog breed standard. See the Brittany Spaniel breeders for who has a Brittany Spaniel puppy for sale. See the Brittany dog club, Brittany rescue, Brittany Spaniel rescue contacts for more information.

Brittany Dog - A Natural Proclivity for Hunting

Brittany Spaniel The Brittany comes from the French Province of Brittany.  The Brittany is the smallest of the breeds that are known as the versatile gun dogs.  It is known in Canada and elsewhere in Europe as the Brittany Spaniel, as it was, in the United States, prior to 1982.  Since that date, it has been registered with the AKC as the Brittany in recognition of the fact that its hunting methods were more like that of a setter than a spaniel. The "Britt" as he is affectionately known, combines many talents, like being able to point game like the setter does, and retrieve it, as the spaniel does. They have become the most popular of all pointing breeds at field trials and events, but it wasn't always the case because most hunters were used to the long tailed pointers and setters. They are good in all types of weather and over all terrains. It has stamina and hunts fast, with a keen nose and incredible bird sense. The Brittany Spaniel registrations have steadily increased to the point that they are currently in the top thirty of the most popular breeds in the United States.
Dog:  17½-20½ in (44-52 cm) (min. max.)
Weight:  Between 30-40 lb. (13.6-18.2 kg).
Bitch:  Proportionately smaller.
Affection:  Very Affectionate.
Watchdog:  Very Good.
Other Names:  Epagneul Breton, And Brittany Spaniel.
Life Expectancy:  12 - 13 years.
The Brittany is a compact, closely-knit medium size dog and build.  A Leggy dog and very agile, it can work the open field as well as the dense cover. Happy and alert, neither mean nor shy, a Brittany is equally content at home as the family companion and its guardian.  Britts, being very intelligent are highly trainable.  They are active dogs needing ample daily exercise.  Britts are good with children and make excellent watchdogs. As with most breeds, it is a good idea to take a Brittany puppy to obedience training. They exhibit boundless energy and should have plenty of exercise. Some have done well in agility trials.
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