English Pointer dog - A hunting dog.

Title: Pointers
English Pointer dog, English Pointer picture and finding an English Pointer for sale.
For conformation details on this hunting dog, see the English Pointer dog breed standard below.
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The Pointer dog
He is every inch a Hunting Dog.

The Pointer dog is bred primarily for sport afield, and
should unmistakably look and act the part.  It should give
the impression of compact power and agile grace, the head
noble, proudly carried, the expression intelligent and alert,
the muscular body bespeaking both great staying power and
dash.  In its expression are the loyalty and devotion
of a true friend of man.

The alert, even temperament and good sense of the
Pointer dog, make him a congenial companion both in the
field and in the home.  The Pointer dog should be dignified
and should never show any timidity toward man or dog.  The
Pointer dog is a rather active dog and it appreciates a larger
size dwelling.  Its coat sheds only a little, which means that
it only needs some grooming about once a week.  It is a very
affectionate, playful and fun loving hunting dog of quite high
energy level.  It is considered good with other dogs
and pets and excellent with children.
English Pointer picture
Dog:  25 - 28 in. (64 - 71 cm).           
Weight:  55 - 75 lb. (25 - 34 kg).     
Bitch:  23 - 26 in. (58 - 66 cm).       
Weight:  45 - 65 lb. (20.5 - 30 kg).
Watchdog:  Very good.                    
Other Name:  English Pointer.      
Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.    

Want info on this hunting dog, the Pointer dog and breeders who have an English Pointer puppy for sale, see the English Pointer breeders.  If no nearby Pointer breeders, see Cdn Pointer dog club, English Pointer rescue, or the US Pointer dog club, English Pointer rescue to get advice on other English Pointer breeders in your area.
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