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The Gordon Setter
A Tireless, Loyal, Bird Dog

The Gordon Setter is a native of Scotland.   The breed
was stabilized in the kennels of the fourth Duke of Gordon
in the early 1800s.   Originally, it was referred to as the
Gordon Castle Setter.   The intention was to create a larger
heavier type of setter of pleasing conformation, with a keen
nose, well adapted to his rugged Scottish environment.

Gordon Setters were first brought to the US in 1842
and have been registered with the AKC since 1878.   The
eagerness to work the fields has never diminished over the
years, and his keen intellect and retentive memory is said
to improve with age, needing no retraining each season.

Gordon Setters are happiest being near their owners.
They are very devoted and loyal to the entire family, always
eager to please them and they are considered excellent with
children.   They are good watchdogs, wary of strangers,
a perfect companion to the right active owners.
Gordon Setter picture
Dog:  24 - 27 in. (61 - 69 cm).         
Weight:  55 - 80 lb. (25 - 36.4 kg).
Bitch:  23 - 26 in. (58 - 66 cm).     
Weight:  45 -70 lb. (20 - 32 kg).   
Watchdog:  Very good.                   
Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.  

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