Irish Setter dog - A hunting dog.

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For details on this hunting dog, a bird dog, see the Irish Setter dog breed standard.
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Irish Setter, dog picture
Irish Setter dog

The Irish Setter Dog
An Active Aristocratic Bird Dog

The Irish Setter is rich red in color, substantial yet
very elegant in build.  At his best, the lines so satisfy in
over-all balance that some artists have termed him
the most beautiful of all dogs.

Afield, the Irish Setter is essentially a sporting dog, a
swift moving hunting dog, a bird dog, tough, bold and very durable for long continued work in the brush.

At home, his rollicking personality and sweet nature
make the Irish Setter an affectionate, loyal companion,
excellent with children, very playful and will bond to the
whole family.  He is good with other pets and quite friendly
with other dogs.  He is very active and therefore requires
lots of daily exercise.  Shedding is average, so he should be
groomed about three times a week.  Although he is so fond
of people and strangers, he is considered a good watchdog.
For a beautiful, playful affection companion, consider
an Irish Setter puppy for your family.

Dog:  27 in. (69 cm) at withers.   
Weight:  70 lb. (31.8 kg).             
Bitch:  25 in. (64 cm) at withers.
Weight:  60 lb. (27.3 kg).            
Affectionate:  Very affectionate.
Watchdog:  Very good.                
Other Name:  Red Setter.           
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.

Want info on this hunting dog, the Irish Setter dog, and breeders who have an Irish Setter puppy for sale?  See the Irish Setter breeders.  If no nearby dog breeders, see the Canadian Irish Setter club, Irish Setter rescue or the American Irish Setter club, Irish Setter rescue to get advice on other Irish Setter breeders in your area.
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