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The Spinone - A versatile hunting dog of ancient Italian heritage

Spinone picture The Spinone Italiano breed, pronounced, Spi-no-nay (singular) and Spinoni pronounced Spi-no-nee (plural) is Italian in origin. There are claims that it existed as a distinct breed over 2000 years ago. It was developed as a pointing dog. There are in existence, 15th and 16th century Italian artworks with dogs resembling the Spinone. The origin of the breed is in dispute with some claiming that it came from wirehaired Celtic dogs, but others claim it was brought to Italy by Greek trader at the time of the Roman Empire perhaps as long ago as 500 BC.
During World War II, the breed suffered enormous losses, to the point of near extinction. During the 1950s a concerted effort was made to rejuvenate the breed and to preserve its outstanding hunting abilities. The goal was achieved and they have become wonderful companions, successful show dogs and popular hunting dogs with a renowned trotting gait while working the fields. The versatile Spinoni point, set and retrieve. Their skin is thick and tough allowing them to work through dense brush and thorns flushing small game.
Since its introduction to Britain, the popularity of the breed has grown rapidly. It received full recognition by the Kennel Club in 1994. Spinone fanciers are determined that the breed will not lose its versatile hunting dog skills as its popularity increases. The breed was rather slow to catch on in North America. The Spinone Club of America and the Club Italian Spinone, U.S.A. were both formed in the late 1980s. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 2000. They compete in the sporting dog group.
Male:  23.5 - 27.5 in. (59.6 - 69.8 cm).
Weight Male:  71 - 82 lbs. (32.3 - 37.3 kg).
Female:  22.5 - 25.5 in. (57.1 - 64.7 cm).
Weight Female:  62 - 71 lbs. (28.2 - 32.3 kg).
With other animals:  Very good.
Watchdog:  Very good.
Other Names:  Italian Spinone; Italian Griffon
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.
This large dog breed is a very keen hunting dog. Devoted, tolerant, friendly, the Spinone is known to be excellent with children. It is a very sociable, good natured breed, good with other dogs and pets. It prefers to live indoors with the family. It is intelligent, sensible in behavior when mature, and develops a good sense of humor. It is less rambunctious and easier going than most pointing breeds. An exuberant Spinone puppy however, should not be left alone as it can be rather destructive. Spinoni need daily exercise, long walks or off leash runs. Its coat needs a good brushing once a week and maybe some hand stripping around the face and feet for appearance sake. One of the major health concerns is hip dysplasia, so when searching for a Spinone puppy, be sure to deal with a breeder who only breeds OFA or PennHip certified clear stock. Like most breeds, with large pendulous ears, the Spinone is also susceptible to ear infections.
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