Hungarian Vizsla dog - A hunting dog.

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The Vizsla
An Upland Bird Dog

The Vizsla was known in Hungary, the land of its
origin, as "Yellow Pointer", a versatile hunting dog.
In North America he is used primarily as an upland
bird dog, where his excellent scenting and retrieving
characteristics have been widely acclaimed.  He is a
strong swimmer and retrieves well from the water.

A Vizsla is a rather lightly built, a medium size dog,
with short, dense, glossy coat in golden rust shades,
needing very little grooming.  A Vizsla puppy is very
intelligent, calm, obedient and easy to train.  Vizslas
thrive best as house dogs, close to their owners with
whom they become very attached and protective
without being overly aggressive.

Dog:  22-24 in. (56-61 cm) at withers.  
Bitch:  21-23 in. (53-58 cm) at withers.
Weight:  45 - 65 lb. (20.4 - 29.5 kg).     
Watchdog:  Perhaps too friendly.           
Life Expectancy:  10 - 14 years.             
Vizsla picture

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