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For conformation details on this hound dog, a tracking dog, see the Bloodhound dog breed standard.
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Dog:  25 - 27 in. (64 - 69 cm).           
Weight:  90 - 110 lb. (41 - 50 kg).   
Bitch:  23 - 25 in. (58 - 64 cm).       
Weight:  80 - 100 lb. (36 - 45 kg).   
Affection:  Very affectionate.           
Watchdog:  Very good.                      
Other Names:  St. Hubert's Hound
Life Expectancy:  7 - 10 years.        

The Bloodhound
An easy going gentle dog.

The origin of the modern Bloodhound, the world's most
famous tracking dog, is shrouded in mystery as are many
breeds.  Its ancestors probably predate Christianity.
Claudius Aelianus in his famous "Historia Animalium"
of the third century A.D. described a scenting hound
unrivaled for its great scenting ability and tracking
determination.  Its more immediate predecessor
is thought to be the St. Hubert Hound, a black
hound bred by St. Hubert, the patron saint
of dogs in the 8th century A.D.

Contrary to some myths, the Bloodhound locates, but
never attacks his quarry.  It is one of the most gentle
and docile of all the breeds.  It is very affectionate, and
intelligent, and is not quarrelsome with other dogs.
Its nature is somewhat shy, and equally sensitive to
kindness or correction by its master.

Ears and eyelids should be examined regularly and
gently cleaned to prevent infection, otherwise it needs
minimum care.  This dignified large dog makes a very
good companion and loyal family pet.  Obedience
training is a good start for a Bloodhound puppy.

Want information on this hound dog, the Bloodhound dog and breeders who have a Bloodhound puppy for sale?  See the dog breeders section.  If no nearby Bloodhound breeders, see the Cdn. Bloodhound dog club, Bloodhound rescue or the US Bloodhound dog club, Bloodhound rescue to get advice on other dog breeders.
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