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The Borzoi, a Gazehound dog.
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The Borzoi
Sporting Hound
of the Russian Nobility.

The Borzoi, on this continent, prior to 1936, was known
as the "Russian Wolfhound."  In his native land, Russia,
he was deemed a symbol of the aristocracy and therefore,
slaughtered by the Bolsheviks during the 1917 Russian
Revolution.  Fortunately he had already become well
established in Britain and North America.

This well-balanced, graceful, dignified and elegant tall
dog is sensitive and alert to his surroundings.  He may be
quite aloof with strangers, but is very devoted to his family.
They are good, well-behaved housedogs indoors.  Outdoors,
they run like the wind and enjoy chasing any small animal
that runs.  They need this daily exercise.  To minimize the
shedding, they should be groomed two or three times per
week.  Gastric torsion is a concern with this breed so
owners must be aware how to prevent it.  They are
also known to be sensitive to anesthesia!

Borzoi picture, a sighthound
A Borzoi Dog - A Sighthound

                Dog:  At least 28 in. (71 cm) at withers
                Weight:  75 - 105 lb. (34 - 47.7 kg).
                Bitch:  At least 26 in. (66 cm).
                Weight:  60 - 85 lb. (27.3 - 38.6 kg).
                Weight:  65-105 lb. (29-48 kg).
                Other Name:  Russian Wolfhound.
                Life Expectancy:  10 - 12+ years.

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