English Foxhound Dog

English Foxhound dog
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The English Foxhound - Traditionally a pack hound

English Foxhound picture The English Foxhound dog has one of the oldest recorded histories of purebred dogs. Near the end of the 1600s, fox hunting became popular as a sport with the upper class landowners, replacing stag hunting. Foxes were plentiful whereas stags had become sparse. Selective breeding of existing hounds was used to produce the needed foxhound, one with a keen nose, sound feet, lots of speed, a loud voice and stamina enough to run all day. The first kennel specializing in these early English Foxhounds dates to 1696. By 1750, the number of English Foxhound kennels had swelled to 50. The most notable breeder was Hugo Meynell,, recognized as the father of fox hunting. Meynell developed packs of uniform type and inaugurated a system of record keeping copied by others. As a result, many of today's English Foxhounds can be traced as far back as 1760. Riding to the hounds became very popular with the wealthy, steeped in ceremony. The actual killing of the fox was incidental (victim excepted) and an anticlimax. By the late 1800s there were about 140 packs of English Foxhounds in England, each with about 50 dogs.

It has been verified that this dog breed was brought to America in 1738 by the first Lord Fairfax. The English Foxhound Stud Book of America dates it's earliest entries to 1890, but unauthenticated records indicate that there were many imports before that time perhaps as many as 20 years before that date. The hound mixed with other hounds has given rise to the American Foxhound, not as stout as the English version. The Canadian Kennel Club Stud Book lists thirty-two Foxhounds registered in 1889.
Weight: 55-75 lbs. (25 - 34 kg).
Height: 23-27 in. (58-69 cm) at withers.
Topline: Absolutely level.
Grooming: Minimal, once per week.
Watchdog: Very good.
Protection: Low - Too friendly!
Other Name: Foxhound
Life Expectancy: 10 - 13 years.
The English Foxhound is not only a physically beautiful dog, but has an excellent temperament too. It is an easygoing dog rather playful and affectionate. It is very friendly with those it knows, especially children, and particularly other foxhounds, or other breeds, and pets and farm animals. It bonds to the whole family. It can be a bit reserved with strangers at first. This breed is happiest when it can get lots of outdoor exercise. Because of its stamina, it makes a good long distance jogging companion. This breed is renowned for its strong voice and it loves to bay. It is best suited to a rural home perhaps a farm and the company of other foxhounds.
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