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The Otterhound
Friendly and Endearing

England is the country where the Otterhound was
developed, at about the time of King John (1199-1216).
The ancestry however, has always been in question, with
many theories.   The purpose of this hound was very clear,
to hunt in packs and kill the Otter which were constantly
preying on, and depleting the fish in the rivers.   It grew in
popularity because it was the only kind of hunting during
the months from April to September.   Otterhounds are
well adapted to the task, having webbed feet, long thick
double impervious coats, very keen noses, a love of
the water and great swimming endurance.
Nowadays, the Otter is protected.

The Otterhound is a large rough-coated hound with
a very appealing shaggy, natural look.   He is sturdily built
with large bones and strong muscles.  His deep-set amiable
dark eyes reveal his friendly, even, temperament.   He is a
moderately active dog, requiring exercise a few times each
day.   His coat should be combed several times per week to
minimize shedding.  An Otterhound puppy makes an
excellent family addition, loving the whole family,
especially children, and taking their
watchdog duties to heart.
Otterhound picture

The Otterhound

Dog:  27 in. (69 cm) and 115 lb. (53 kg).
Bitch:  24 in. (61 cm) and 80 lb. (36 kg).
Affection Level:  Very high.                     
Watchdog:  Very good.                              
Life Expectancy:  10 - 13 years.              

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