Akita dog, Akita Inu - A big dog breed.

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Akita dog, or Akita Inu, an Akita picture and finding an available adult Akita for sale.
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An Akita dog
The Akita Dog
Named A National Treasure
in his Native Country, Japan.

The Akita breed, history dates back some 300 years,
is primarily a working dog.  It has been used for guard work, a
guide for the blind, and a hunting companion.  It is a strong
web-footed swimmer, and also good at sled work.

There is a spiritual significance attached to this large,
powerfully built dog.  In Japan, Akitas are affectionately regarded as
loyal companions and pets, protectors of the home and children and a
symbol of good health.  Akitas are alert, responsive, dignified and
reserved, but courageous, friendly towards people but, like a lot of
other breeds, often aggressive towards other dogs.  The Akita
barks infrequently and then only as a warning signal.  As
with most dogs, an Akita puppy should be well socialized
and obedience trained.

Height male:  25 - 28 in. (63.5 - 71 cm) at shoulder.    
Height Female:  23 - 26 in (58.4 - 66 cm) at shoulder.
Protection:  Very good.                                                      
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                                        
Other names:  Akita Inu; Japanese Akita.                    
Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.                                      

Looking for Akita information about this big dog breed, and Akita breeders who have an Akita puppy for sale?  See the dog breeders section.  If no nearby Akita breeders, see the Canadian Akita dog club, Akita rescue or the American Akita dog club, Akita rescue to get advice on other Akita breeders in your area.
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