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Title: Bernese Mountain Dog
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Bernese Mountain Dog
Exceptionally Faithful Companions

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of four distinct
breeds descended from large ancient mastiff-type dogs who
accompanied Roman legions crossing the Alps.   Some of
them were left behind to guard the Alpine outposts. The
Bernese Mountain Dog is named after the Canton of
Berne in Switzerland, its native land.

The Bernese dog in Switzerland is known as the
Berner Sennenhund. The other three descendants are the
Appenzeller Sennenhund, Entlebucher Sennenhund, and
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.   All have similar markings,
but the Bernese is distinguished by its long silky coat.   He
was used as a drover, and cart dog as well as watchdog,
functions he can still perform well.

The Bernese is consistent, dependable and with a
strong desire to please.   They are self-confident, alert,
good natured, excellent with children and the whole family,
but they can be rather aloof or suspicious with strangers.
They require moderate exercise and grooming.  As with
most breeds, a Bernese Mountain dog puppy will
benefit by obedience training.
Bernese Mountain Dog and dog picture.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Height Dog:  25-27½ in. (64 - 70 cm) at withers. 
Weight:  90 - 120 lb. (40.9 - 54.5 kg).                    
Height Bitch:  23 - 26 in. (58 - 66 cm) at withers.
Weight:  70 - 100 lb. (31.8 - 45.5 kg).                    
Trainability:  Excellent.                                             
With Children:  Excellent.                                       
With other Pets:  Very Good.                                  
Watchdog:  Good.                                                       
Life Expectancy:  7 - 9 years.                                  

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