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The Komondor Dog
King of the Working Dogs.

The Komondor (plural is Komondorok) is the largest
of the Hungarian breeds.  Historians believe that nomadic
people called Magyars brought their Komondor dogs with
them when they settled in what is now called Hungary, in
the late 9th century.  It is related to the Russian herding
dog, the Afscharka, and perhaps the Puli.  This very large
dog, with its distinctive white coat, hanging to the ground
in ribbon-like cords, has a reputation as a trustworthy
guardian, not to be trifled with by man nor beast.

The Komondor is characterized by imposing strength,
courageous demeanor and a most pleasing conformation.
In general, he is a huge muscular dog with plenty of bone
and substance.  Because of his traits of devotion to master
and fearless protection, he was used to protect the flocks
rather than driving them, and living for the most part,
outdoors, well protected by his warm coat.

Because of his size the Komondor prefers country
living with lots of space.  Obedience training for puppies
is a must with this breed, because of its intense guarding
instincts.  Grooming is a daily requirement with coat care
a major consideration, requiring a lot of knowing care.
Although the breed is stunning in appearance and very
intelligent and highly trainable, it is a breed best left
to dedicated knowledgeable fanciers.
Komondor dog, Komondor picture
Komondor Dog

        Dogs:  27.5 (70cm) and up at withers.
        Weight:  80 lbs. (36.4 kg) average.
        Bitch:  25.5 (65 cm) and up.
        Weight:  70 lbs. (31.8 kg) and up.
        Larger is better without sacrificing conformation.
        Watchdog:  Excellent.
        Protection:  Excellent.
        Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.

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