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Leonberger dog - Happiest with children and swimming facilities

Leonberger picture The credit of developing the Leonberger dog goes to Heinrich Essig, town councillor of the town of Leonberg, near Stuttgart, in the 1840s. His aim was to create a huge noble dog that resembled the lion in the town's coat of arms. It is thought that he crossed a black and white Newfoundland bitch with a Saint Bernard male from the monastery hospice Grand St. Bernhard, and then later crossed the offspring to the Pyrenean Mountain dog. It should be noted that there are skeptics who dispute the credibility of the many claims of Herr Essig. Such is the history of many breeds. That the Leonberger dog has webbed feet and a great love of water is attributed to the Newfoundland bloodlines. The breed gained admirers, many of which were famous people such as Napoleon III, King of Belgium, Prince of Wales. It was sold as status symbols all over the world. At the end of the 19th century, the Leonberger dog was kept in Baden-Wuerttemberg as the preferred farm dog. His watchdog and draft abilities were much praised. During, and after both World Wars, the numbers were seriously reduced, almost to extinction, but love of the breed and careful breeding programs twice restored it.
Male:  28-31 in. (72-80 cm) at the shoulder.
Ideal Height:  30 in. (76 cm).
Female:  25.6-29.5 in (65-75 cm).
Ideal Height:  27.6 in. (70 cm).
Weight:  80-150 lb. (36.4-68.2 kg).
Watchdog: Excellent.
Children:  Excellent.
Registry:  FCI & CKC.
Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.
The Leonberger dog inherited the admirable characteristics of its ancestors, immense size, noble poise and a strong working ability. Males in particular are mighty and muscular. Its disposition is agreeable, playful and friendly towards other small animals, people and especially children. It is lively, but exhibits a self-confident calmness and a willing submissiveness. It is an intelligent dog remembering what it has learned, so a Leonberger puppy should be given the right start with obedience training. Adults are fearless, neither shy nor aggressive. Its long dense medium soft to coarse coat needs regular grooming. It requires outdoor exercise several times a day. A Leonberger puppy would be a good choice for a family with children. For proper bone development, special kibble is now available for large boned breeds such as a Leonberger puppy.
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