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Alaskan Malamute
"A Hardy Gentle Sled Dog"

Despite rumors to the contrary, this very sturdy,
beautiful coated dog has adapted very well to the more
temperate climates than those found in the Yukon and in
Alaska.  Today the Alaskan Malamute ranks very high in
popularity in both Canada and the United States, not only as
a stunning show dog, but as a cherished family pet.

Alaskan Malamutes are affectionate, friendly dogs
who bond to the entire family.  They are not a "one-man"
dog.  A Malamute dog generally is fond of people, and very
good with children.  They are loyal devoted companions,
generally very dignified but, playful on invitation.  A
Malamute dog sheds a lot, so brushing three times
per week is suggested.  It's a small price to pay
for such a beauty!  A Malamute puppy makes
a great family pet.

Dog:  25 in. (63 cm) at shoulder.    
Weight:  85 lb. (39 kg).                    
Bitch:  23 in. (58 cm) at shoulder. 
Weight:  75 lb. (34 kg).                    
Affection Level:  Very affectionate.
Watchdog:  Good.                               
Protection:  Good.                             
Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.     
Alaskan Malamute picture
Alaskan Malamute dog

Want information on this big dog breed the Alaskan Malamute and breeders who might have an Malamute puppy for sale?  See the Alaskan Malamute breeders.  If no nearby dog breeders, see the Cdn. Club, Alaskan Malamute rescue or the US Club, Malamute rescue to get advice on other Malamute breeders whereabouts.
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