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Old English Mastiff dog, an English Mastiff picture and finding an Old English Mastiff for sale. For conformation details on this giant dog breed, see English Mastiff dog breed standard. See English Mastiff breeders section for a cute Old English Mastiff puppy for sale. See English Mastiff dog club, English Mastiff rescue for more information.

The Mastiff - Grandeur and Dignity.

Mastiff picture, Old English Mastiff picture In English speaking countries, the Mastiff dog is more properly described as the "Old English Mastiff"  It is a giant short-haired dog with heavy head, short dark muzzle, and symmetrically built.  Mastiff breed types were originally brought to the British Isles by the Romans who had been using them for centuries, as fierce war dogs, pugnacious fighters. For the past two thousand years, the Old English Mastiff has been bred there as a watch dog, and for protection, from human intruders, and from preditor wolves.  Mastiffs were used as fighting dogs in the pits, and for bull baiting, a very popular blood sport.  Finally these activities were banned in England in 1835, but not widely obeyed for more than a couple of decades later.  Since those bloody days, the Mastiff breeders have been breeding them as reliable family dogs, devoted, tame and obedient.  The Mastiff breed was nearly decimated during World War II, but fortunately many had already been taken to America where their immense popularity has ensured survival.
Dog:  minimum 30 in. (76 cm) at the shoulder.
Bitch:  minimum 27½ in. (70 cm).
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Protection:  Very good.
Other names:  English Mastiff.  Old English Mastiff
Life Expectancy:  8 - 10 years.
The English Mastiff is a combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility.  It is a noble breed, loyal and loving.  Dignity rather than gaiety, is the Mastiff's correct demeanor.  Shyness or viciousness is never condoned.  It does shed a bit, but a good vigorous brushing is all the grooming its short, dense coat requires.  A Mastiff puppy will soon bond to the whole family, adore the children, and become a great companion.  Because of their immense size however, special care must be exercised in raising a Mastiff puppy.  The correct food for giant breeds is very important, and over-feeding is just as wrong as under-feeding them.  Slow steady growth is desired for healthy bone and joint development, rather than rapid growth.   Hip dysplasia and gastric torsion is a concern in the giant breeds, like the Old English Mastiff.
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