Samoyed dog - A medium size dog.

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Samoyed dog, a Samoyed picture and finding an adult Samoyed for sale.
For conformation details on this medium size dog, see the Samoyed dog breed standard.
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Samoyed Dog
Gentle and Companionable.

The Samoyed, known as the big white dog with the
"smiling face", and dark intelligent eyes, with a strong,
sturdy, muscular body on legs built for speed is for some
folks, the most beautiful breed in existence.  An excellent
watchdog, never a trouble maker, yet able to hold his own
if forced to fight.  Samoyeds are double coated dogs with
undercoats of soft, short, thick wool.  The coat color is
pure white, white and biscuit, cream, or all biscuit.

The Samoyed is intelligent, gentle, loyal, adaptable, alert,
full of action, eager to serve, friendly but conservative, not
distrustful or shy, and is not overly aggressive.  Samoyeds
shed a lot and therefore should be groomed several times a
week.  Samoyeds, being a manageable medium size dog,
make an excellent family dog tending to bond to one
person, but they are considered excellent with
children.  Maybe you should consider a
Samoyed puppy for your family.
Samoyed picture
            Male:  21 - 23.5 in. (53 - 60 cm) at withers.
            Weight:  45 - 65 lb. (20.5 - 29.5 kg).
            Bitch:  19 - 21 in. (48 - 53 cm) at withers.
            Weight:  35 - 50 lb. (15.9 - 22.7 kg).
            With Other Pets:  Excellent.
            Watchdog:  Excellent.
            Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.

Want info on this medium size dog, the Samoyed dog and breeders who have Samoyed puppies for sale?  See the dog breeders section.  If no nearby Samoyed breeders, see the Canadian Samoyed dog club, Samoyed rescue or the American Samoyed dog club, Samoyed rescue to get advice on other dog breeders whereabouts.
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