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Airedale Terrier picture
Airedale Terrier
The Airedale is known as the King of Terriers
The largest of the Terrier dogs, the Airedale Terrier is
believed to have been a cross between the old rough coated
Black and Tan Terrier and the Otterhound in the mid 1850s,
resulting in a dog that could swim and scent game, and
was possessed of a keenness of the terrier.

Both sexes should be sturdy, well-muscled and
well-boned.  Blessed with beauty and intelligence, the
Airedale does well in the show ring and at obedience trials.

An Airedale dog is a loyal and faithful companion, playful
with children, aloof with strangers, and ready to protect family
and property if the need arises.  It is his sweet disposition
however, which has endeared him to so many owners
and fanciers everywhere.  An Airedale puppy is
fun to train and it's relatively easy.

Dog Height:  about 23 in. (58 cm) at shoulder.
Bitch Height:  Slightly less.                               
Playfulness:  Very Playful.                                 
Watchdog:  Very good.                                        
Protection:  Very good.                                      
Life Expectancy:  10 - 13 years.                        

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