Bull Terrier dog - A medium size dog.

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Bull Terrier dog, white and colored, a Bull Terrier picture, plus a Bull Terrier for sale.
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White Bull Terriers, and Colored Bull Terriers, Bullie breeders and Bullie puppies.

Male Weight:  55 - 65 lb. (25 - 29.5 kg).    
Female Weight:  45 - 55 lb. (20.5 - 25 kg).
Playfulness:  Very playful.                            
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                    
Protection:  Very good.                                 
Life Expectancy:  11 - 14 years.                  
The Bull Terrier
Two Varieties - White and Colored.

The Bull Terrier is considered to have two varieties, but
is one breed.  Crossings of the Bulldog with Terriers in the
early years of the 19th century, gave rise to its former name
the "Bull and Terrier."  It produced a quick thinking fierce,
courageous fighting dog, highly resistant to pain, and which
was successfully used for bull baiting and dog fighting in the
pits.  Additional out-crossings resulted in the predominate
terrier traits.  Finally, blood sports were banned in England
in 1835, and breeders turned their focus to creating
gentler dogs for shows.

James Hinks, acknowledged developer of today's Bull
Terrier, in the 1860s, was crossing his gamest bitches with
the white English Terrier and the Dalmatian, to generate an
all-white dog which he christened, Bull Terriers.  Additional
out-crossing brought even more refinement.  Bull Terriers
were expected to refrain from seeking or starting a fight and
so the white variety became known as the "White Cavalier"
a nickname it still bears today.

A Bull Terrier puppy, like all puppies should be well
socialized and trained.  These dogs are very friendly and
always playful yet very muscular, strong and powerful.  They
like children, are excellent watchdogs, need moderate space
and exercise, and only minimal grooming care.  A white or
colored, Bull Terrier puppy makes a great family pet.

Want info on this medium size dog, the Bull Terrier dog, white or colored and breeders who have a Bull Terrier for sale?  See the Bull Terrier breeders.  If no nearby dog breeders, see Cdn. Bull Terrier dog club, Bull Terrier rescue or the US Bull Terrier dog club, Bull Terrier rescue to get some advice on other Bull Terrier breeders.
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