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Glen of Imaal Terrier, a medium size dog, a working terrier dog.  See a Glen of Imaal Terrier picture and finding Glen of Imaal puppies for sale. For Glen of Imaal information see the breed standard. See the Glen of Imaal Terrier breeders for a Glen of Imaal Terrier for sale. See Glen of Imaal dog clubs, Glen of Imaal rescue for other Glen of Imaal terrier breeders.

Glen of Imaal Terrier dog - Renowned for its stoicism

Glen of Imaal Terrier picture Although many of today's dog fanciers may not be familiar with this terrier breed, it is actually several hundred years old. It originated in the south of Ireland, the Glen area of County Wicklow. The area is scenic valley, but the land itself is rocky, rather barren and not very fertile. The farmers, descendants of 16th and 17th century soldiers, given the land for services to the crown, were very hard working and poor. They could not afford the luxury of a dog who could not earn its keep. The Glen of Imaal terriers of those days, were very rough, tough and hardy dogs, and excellent ratters. Unlike most terriers who killed rats by shaking and breaking their necks, the Glen, with its powerful jaws, simply chomped them in half. It also hunted fox and the fierce badger, often going to ground and fighting the latter to the death, sometimes losing an ear or two, or perhaps even its jaw. They worked efficiently but silently without barking as did other terriers when hunting. They were game and never gave up. They were often used in dog fights, blood sports, and wagering was widespread. Dog fights in Ireland, long ago, were fought in open fields unlike Britain, where the fighting was done indoors. The early Glens were considerably larger, more in the order of 40 - 50 pounds than what today's breed standard stipulates and because of those early dogs, size can still be a bit of a problem. On the domestic front, the Glen of Imaal terrier was the cook's helper. With their small size and powerful legs, they were very suitable for walking treadmills which turned the barbecue spits. Their immense stamina allowed them to walk miles, going nowhere.
Folklore has it that the Glen of Imaal terrier was a cross between great Celtic hounds and a mongoose and that the offspring were saved from culling by St. Patrick himself. Later on, they assisted St. Patrick in driving all the snakes out of Ireland. It's no blarney, ask any proud Irish owner of a Glen.
Height: Maximum 14 in. (35.5 cm),
Minimum 12.5 in. (31.7 cm) at withers.
Weight Males: Approximately 35 lb. (15.9 kg).
Weight Females: Somewhat less.
Other Dogs: Not good. Can be aggressive.
Watchdog: Excellent.
Life Expectancy: 13 - 14 years.
The Glen of Imaal terrier is short with sturdy, well boned but slightly bowed front legs. The feet turn out slightly but perceptibly from pasterns. The pads are compact, strong and rounded all of which help to make the dog an efficient digger. The body is longer than the height at the withers and possesses great substance and strength with well sprung ribs. The chest is deep, extending below the elbows. The tail is docked to about half of its length leaving enough to provide a good handhold. The coat is of medium length, harsh texture and with a soft undercoat. It comes in several colors, wheaten, blue or brindle, see the Breed Standard.
The Glen of Imaal terrier is a spirited cocky dog. When hunting, it is tough and dead game, but around the home, it is affectionate, friendly, good natured, obedient, laid back, not noisy or yappy like many small terriers. Of course, like any breed, giving a Glen of Imaal terrier puppy some formal obedience training would be a good idea. They are not hyper, but are energetic needing lots of daily exercise.
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