Parson Russell Terrier dog - A small dog breed
Formerly known as the Jack Russell Terrier.

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The Parson Russell Terrier
Animated Action and Adventure

The Parson Russell Terrier was developed in the mid to late
1800s in the south of England, by the Reverend John Russell
of Devonshire, who was an avid fox hunting enthusiast.  Their
job was to trail the hounds and bolt the foxes from their dens if
they went to ground, and thus the hunt could continue.  That is
how the dog got the name, Parson Jack Russell Terrier.

The breed comes in two coats, the smooth coat, or the broken
(rough) coat.  The coat can be white, or white with black or tan
markings, or white with a combination of these.  Both coats
are double, coarse, weatherproof and lying flat.

Parson Russells are bold and friendly, athletic and clever.
At work he is a game hunter, tenacious and courageous.  At
home he is playful, exuberant and very affectionate.  He is an
independent and energetic terrier, who thrives on action and
adventure and therefore requires lots of attention, otherwise,
his tendency to explore, wander, chase, bark, and dig at every
opportunity, gets him into trouble.  Overt aggression towards
people or other dogs is a fault.  Cats and rodents beware!  He
is an ideal companion for an active person with a good sense of
humor and a tolerance for a bit of mischievousness.  Although
irresistibly cute, this irascible scamp is not for everyone!  It
is advised that if a Parson Russell Terrier puppy will be
added to your family, that you get it some
formal obedience training.
Jack Russell Terrier picture

New Official Name (as of April 1, 2003)
Parson Russell Terrier

Height:  >12 <15 in. (>30.5 <38 cm).    
Ideal Weight:  13 - 17 lb. (5.9 - 7.7 kg).
Energy Level:  Very high.                        
Playfulness:  Very playful.                      
Watchdog:  Excellent.                              
Life Expectancy:  13 - 15 years.             

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