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Skye Terrier
A Dog of Style and Elegance.

This terrier breed comes from the Isle of Skye in
northern Scotland and has been known since the 16th
century.  He was used to hunt vermin in burrows and water
courses, being physically well suited to the task.  The Skye
Terrier is very agile and strong, with sturdy bone and hard
muscles.  Long, low and level, he is twice as long as he is
high.  Coat is profuse and falls straight down either side.
He stands with head high and long tail hanging and moves
with seemingly effortless gait.  He is fearless, very good
tempered, loyal and canny, friendly and gay with those he
knows and reserved and cautious with strangers.
They are excellent watchdogs.

Skye Terriers don't require huge living quarters, and
three good walks a day should suffice.  Since they do shed
an average amount, they should be groomed a few times
a week to control this.

Dog:  10 in. (25 cm) at the shoulder.
Bitch:  9.5 in. (24 cm) At shoulder.  
Weight:  18 - 20 lb. (8.2 - 9.1 kg).    
Watchdog:  Excellent.                        
Life Expectancy: 12 - 14 years.        

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