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A Sturdy Little "Terrier Type"

Originally from Germany, maybe as early as the 15th
century, a small dog breed, whose ancestry is unknown, was
used for ratting in stables and stores.   A translation of the
name means "Monkey Terrier" which depicts more its fun
loving behavior, than its whiskered mischievous appearance.
It is thought by many that the Affenpinscher played a big roll
in the initial development of several dog breeds including
the Brussels Griffon and the Miniature Schnauzer.

The Affenpinscher dog is compact and sturdy
of medium bone and should not be delicate.   He is game and
alert, very inquisitive, loyal and affectionate with his master
and friends.   A smaller abode will do for this toy breed of dog
and a normal exercise period of three or four times a day is
probably enough.   Although generally quiet, he can be ablaze
with excitement if threatened or attacked and is without fear
toward any assailant.   They make great watchdogs.

Height:  9 - 11½ in. (22.8 - 27.9 cm) at withers.
Ideal Height:   10¼ in. (26.0 cm).                         
Weight:  7 - 9 lb. (3.2 - 4.1 kg).                            
Playfulness:  Very high.                                       
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                            
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.                          
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