Brussels Griffon dog - A small dog breed.

Brussels Griffon picture, or Griff.
Brussels Griffon dog, a Brussels Griffon picture and Brussels Griffon for sale.
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Brussels Griffons
Make lasting friends.

The Brussels Griffon is a descendant of the German
Affenpinscher and a 17th century well-defined type of street
dog, very common to Belgian peasants and well known as the
"Griffons D'Ecurie" or the Stable Griffon.  These rough and
bearded, shaggy coated, good natured dogs, killed rats in the
stables.  The infusion of Affenpinscher blood was thought to
refine this ratting ability.  The ensuing dogs were later bred
with the smooth coated Pug resulting in a breed which to this
day, produces two coats, the smooth and the rough coat.  Next,
the Ruby Spaniel was added, creating today's facial attributes
and appearance, but which ended the breed's ability to
catch and dispatch vermin.

Today's Brussels Griffon is a small, compact dog with
either a rough or smooth coat which sheds a bit, but only
requires grooming about once a week.  It is a sturdy, alert,
intelligent, short bodied dog with an attention getting, almost
human expression on its whiskered face.  Brussels Griffons,
excellent watchdogs, are well suited for any small dwellings.
They are quite active and love a romp in the woods or a good
daily walk with their master.  It takes patience to acquire
an adorable Brussels Griffon puppy, because litters are
difficult to successfully whelp and usually small.
Brussels Griffon picture
A Brussels Griffon

      Weight:  8 - 10 lb. (3.6 - 4.5 kg)
      Must not exceed 12 lb. (5.5 kg).
         Height:  7 - 8 in. (17.8 - 16.3 cm).
    Affection:  Very high.               
    Watchdog:  Excellent.               
       Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.

Want information on this small dog breed, the Brussels Griffon dog, and Brussels Griffon breeders who have a Brussels Griffon puppy for sale?  See the Brussels Griffon breeders.  If no nearby dog breeders, see Canadian Club, Brussels Griffon rescue or the American Club, Brussels Griffon rescue to find other breeder whereabouts.
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