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Havanese picture The Havanese dog is a member of the Barbichon family, a name which was later shortened to Bichon. They originated in the Mediterranean region, perhaps on the Island of Malta. Spanish traders brought some of them to Cuba to give as gifts to Cuban women. The Havanese dog became very popular not only as a pet of the wealthy but also as a performing dog in circuses and became known as the Havana Silk Dog and as Habeneros. Those that were exported back to Europe were known as White Cubans. Eventually, the popularity of the Havanese dog declined, not only in Europe but even in Cuba. The Cuban revolution was very unkind to the Bichon Havanese dog, this symbol of the elite class, and so the numbers shrunk to near extinction. Some Havanese dogs subsequently were taken to the US by three families. It is believed that the Havanese dogs of today are descendants of those dogs rescued from the revolution. Nearly unknown prior to the 1970s, the Havanese dog has been shown in many European countries particularly Scandinavian shows.
Height:  8½ - 11½ in. (22 - 29 cm) at withers.
Weight:  7 - 13 lbs. (3 - 6 kg).
Other Names: Bichon Havanese
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.
The Havanese is a sturdy short-legged small dog breed with a soft profuse untrimmed double coat. Trimming of the coat is not permitted except for the feet. The coat type rages from straight to curly, but the wavy coat is preferred. The curly coat is allowed to cord. The coat can reach 6 to 8 inches in length (15.2 - 20.3 cm). All colors are permitted, ranging from pure white to shades of cream, champagne, gold, black, blue, silver, chocolate or any combination of these colors including parti and tri. No preference is given to one color over another. The dog's gait is unique as it steps out in a lively springy gait, emphasizing its happy and friendly temperament. Havanese dogs are fairly high energy dogs requiring an average amount of exercise. They are very playful and very affectionate. They like everything and everyone, from other pets, strange dogs, and especially children. They are surprisingly good watchdogs, but too friendly to be considered seriously for protection. Grooming requirements are average and as with all soft coated dogs, should be brushed and combed to avoid matting. A Havanese puppy would make a good addition for the right family.
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