Japanese Chin dog also known as Japanese Spaniel.

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Japanese Chin picture, Japanese Spaniel picture
Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel

Ideal Size:  8 - 11 in. (20 - 28 cm) at withers.
Affection:  Very affectionate.                            
Other Pets and Dogs:  Very good.                    
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                        
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.                      

Japanese Chin
Still Known In Some Countries As
The Japanese Spaniel

In Japan, its native land, this breed is known as the
Japanese Chin.  "Inu" is dog, but "Chin" is royalty, and
the ancestors of these dogs, are said to have come from the
Chinese emperor, to the Japanese Mikado, as tribute gifts,
about 500 B.C.E.  There, additional breeding to perhaps
the Pug and others, produced this small dog breed.

Some dogs were given to foreign dignitaries, including
Commodore Perry in 1853.  Perry then presented a pair to
HRM Queen Victoria.  By 1879, at English shows, they were
being entered as Japanese Pugs.  In the US, the first dog was
AKC registered in 1888 , as the Japanese Spaniel.  Finally,
the breed name was officially changed to Japanese Chin in
1977.  In many countries, however, including Canada, it
retains its former name, Japanese Spaniel.

These small friendly and affectionate companions
are alert, spirited and are naturally clean.  Being sensitive
dogs, they have definite likes and dislikes and rarely forget a
friend, or foe.  A smaller home and average exercise, 3 times
a day will suffice.  They shed a little so grooming is easy and
once a week is enough.  They are good with children, but
tend to bond to one person.  For their diminutive size,
they are very good as watchdogs.

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