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The Papillon Dog, - Breeding True for over 700 Years.

Papillon picture The Papillon (pronounced Pappy-yon) is a small dog breed of European origin. Portrait paintings by the Old Masters, show that the breed has bred true for more than 700 years. At one time it was thought to have originated in Spain or Italy, a descendant of the dwarf spaniel. More recent thinking however, is that it came from French and Belgian origins. The older and original variety of this breed, is the drop ear, known as the Phalène; which is the French word for moth, because it carried its ears in much the same manner as a moth folds its wings. The breed was very popular with the aristocracy of those days. Marie Antoinette (1755 1793) was an avid fan of the breed. It is written that she carried her dog with her to the guillotine.
The erect ear variety, the Papillon, is a development of more recent times. Papillon is the French word for butterfly which aptly describes how the well fringed ears, are carried on this newer variety. The how and why the ears evolved to this erect and obliquely positioned state is unknown. Another feature of the breed is its plumed tail, carried in a elegant sweep over the back and falling to either side. The appearance of this tail gave it the name of chien écureuil, or squirrel dog, which is still heard in some circles today. At one time most Papillons were of solid color, whereas today they are always parti-colored or white with colored patches as stipulated in the breed standard. In 1923 the breed was exhibited in England under Foreign Dogs. It immediately caused a stir. A year later it was elevated to full breed status. It was officially recognized in the United States in 1935 and in Canada in 1953.
Dog & Bitch:  8 - 11 inches (20.3 - 28 cm).
Weight:  4 - 9 lb. (1.8 - 4 kg).
Exercise Needs:  Moderate.
Trainability:  Excellent.
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Affection level:  Very High.
Playfullness:  Very Playful.
Other Dogs & Pets:  Very Good.
Other Names:  Epagneul Nain.
Phalène - also known as Continental Toy Spaniel.
Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.
Papillons are intelligent, hardy, affectionate and friendly little dogs, which can bear the cold winters equally well as the heat in summertime. They are good with children, but tend to bond to one person. They are usually non-aggressive towards other dogs and get along well with other pets. They need to be brushed a couple of times each week. Exercise needs are not at all demanding, enjoying daily walks on a leash. They are very adaptable, being comfortable in spacious rural settings or even in small apartments. They are perhaps the most easily trained of the toy breeds, being very obedient and quick to respond. They do well in obedience trials and other events, as well as in conformation shows. Although adult Papillons need no coddling, as puppies, their little bones are breakable, and so they should be prohibited from jumping off sofas and other heights. In spite of being a relatively healthy breed with no known major concerns, it is prudent to buy a Papillon puppy from a reputable breeder, one who tests their breeding stock for healthy knees, eyes and for vWD (von Willebrand's disease defective blood platelets).
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