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Pekingese Dog
"Bringers of Good Luck"

For centuries, only members of the Chinese Imperial
Court were allowed to own the Pekingese dogs.  They were
considered to bring good fortune thus Pekingese were always
pampered lavishly.  The outside world was unaware of the
breed until five of them were looted by the British in 1860
and taken to England.  Later, more were smuggled out
of China and soon Pekingese became very popular.

The Pekingese is very proud and full of self importance,
known to be stubborn, and appearing aloof with strangers.
He is loyal and protective of home and family, considered
a very easy keeper, needing only minimal exercise.  His
coat sheds a little and so needs grooming about once a
week.  Eyes, ears and nose should be gently cleaned
periodically.  He will do well in a small abode.
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All weights to 14 lb. (6.4 kg) maximum.
Height:  6 - 9 in (15.2 - 22.9 cm).            
Life Expectancy:  13 - 15 years.              
Pekingese picture

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