Toy Dogs, the Toy Dog Breeds of Group 5

The toy dogs, for the most part are companion pets.  Many small dog breeds are
ancient dog breeds.  Some were used as watchdogs, giving the alert to the larger guard
dogs, some toy dogs were good at catching small vermin.  Many of these toy dog breeds
were much larger and heavier than they currently are.  Some, weighed as much as 30+
pounds, but now weigh 3 to 7.  Many generations of selective breeding, have produced
these toy dogs, collectively known as the lovable toy breeds.   This page will lead you to
the many Toy breeds, complete with a breed history, traits, life expectancy, friendliness
towards children and other pets, conformation breed standards, and where you can find
nearby breeders with available puppies for sale.

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Discover the toy dogs, or toy breeds, alert, friendly, small sized companion dogs and you will applaud the great value of the small dog breeds to mankind.
Information on the toy dog breeds is updated periodically
and the toy dogs missing will be added soon.  Definitely,
the toy breeds are worth investigating.  If you want a
friendly tiny sized dog, more suitable for a smaller
living space, then check out the toy breeds.

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