Chow Chow dog - A medium size dog.

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Chow Chow picture
Chow Chow - Rough Coat

Adults:  17 - 20 in. (43 - 51 cm) at withers.
Weight:  45 - 70 lb. (20.5 - 31.8 kg).           
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                    
Protection:  Very good.                                
Life Expectancy:  8 - 12 years.                   

The Chow Chow Dog
A Fashionable Pet and Guard Dog,
With a Blue-Black Tongue.

The Chow Chow is a very ancient breed.  Artifacts
were found, dating back to the Han dynasty in China, about
150 years B.C.  Many authorities believe the Chow Chow
is much older, and may be one of the most ancient breeds.
The Chow was once a respected Chinese sporting dog,
reported to be excellent on Mongolian Pheasant.

A powerful, sturdy, all-purpose dog, the Chow Chows
were used, in addition to hunting, for herding, pulling and
protection.  Today it is mainly used as a family pet, but its
working origin is not to be forgotten when judging the true
Chow type.  There are two varieties of coat, the rough coat,
and the smooth, and both are judged by the same
Chow Chow breed standard.

A medium size dog, intelligent, independent, proud of
spirit, very loyal and friendly with its family, but aloof and
reserved with strangers.  That's the Chow Chow dog.  It makes an excellent watchdog, but is not friendly with other dogs.  It is well suited to cold climates, but it suffers in hot ones.  A Chow puppy like most puppies, needs obedience training.  The Chow dog has become a family favorite family for many.

Want info on this medium size dog, Chow Chow, and breeders who have a Chow Chow puppy?  See the Chow Chow breeders.  If no nearby Chow breeders, see the Canadian Club, Chow rescue, Chow Chow rescue or the American Club, Chow rescue, Chow Chow rescue to get advice on other Chow Chow breeders in your area.
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