Dalmatian dog, a medium size dog.

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Dalmatian Dog
A Dog of Many Nicknames,
Including "The Firehouse Dog"

A lively active dog built for road work, his natural trade
being coaching, or guarding a horse drawn vehicle.  They
are capable of great endurance, a good amount of speed, and
are of good disposition.  They are stable, and outgoing, yet
dignified.  A Dalmatian dog should never be shy.  Some of
the other nick names attributed to the Dalmatian are:
English Coach Dog, Carriage Dog, Plum Pudding
Dog, and Spotted Dick.

Dalmatians are distinctively spotted dogs, poised,
very alert, strong, muscular, active and intelligent in his
expression, symmetrical in outline.  His jacket should be
short, dense, fine and close fitting.  It is sleek, glossy and
very healthy in aspect.  The colors of Dalmatians are white
with either black spots or with liver spots.  They make
excellent family pets and watchdogs.  An adorable
Dalmatian puppy is frisky and playful and
soon bonds to the whole family.
Dalmatian picture
Dalmatian Dog

            Height:  19 - 23 in. (48 - 58 cm) at withers.
            Weight:  40 - 60 lb. (18.2 - 27.3 kg).
            Affection Level:  Very affectionate.
            Watch Dog:  Very good.
            Major Concern:  Deafness.
            Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.

Want information on this medium size dog, the Dalmatian, and breeders who have a Dalmatian puppy?  See the Dalmatian breeders section.  If no nearby dog breeders, see the Canadian Dalmatian club, Dalmatian rescue or the American Dalmatian club, Dalmatian rescue to get advice on other Dalmatian breeders whereabouts.
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