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     Keeshond - plural is Keeshonden

     Dog ideal Height:  18 in. (46 cm) at withers.
     Bitch ideal Height:  17 in. (43 cm) at withers.
     Dog Type takes precedence over height.
     Watchdog:  Excellent.
     Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.
The Keeshond Dog,
The National Dog of Holland.

Keeshond, pronounced "Kayshond" (pl. Keeshonden)
is a member of the Spitz family of dogs.  It has been well
known throughout the Netherlands since the middle of the
18th century, where it was a very popular family pet of the
people.  It was so often used as a guard dog on the canal
barges in those days, that it was commonly known as
"The Barge Dog".

The Keeshond derived its present day name from a little
dog "Kees" named after the nickname given to his master,
a political leader of the "Patriots" at a time of great social
unrest in Europe, preceding the French Revolution.

Keeshonden are very handsome medium size dogs with a
luxurious, thick grey, black and cream stand-off coat.  It
is outgoing and friendly with both people and other dogs.
The Keeshond is very loyal and protective and good with
children.  Its coat should have a frequent brushing
and it needs regular outdoor exercise.  Being
very intelligent, training a Keeshond puppy
should be a rewarding experience.

Want info on this medium size dog, the Keeshond dog and breeders who have a Keeshond puppy for sale?  See the Keeshond breeders.  If there are no breeders in your area, go to the Canadian Club, Keeshond rescue or the American Club, Keeshond rescue to find someone who can advise you of dog breeders in your area.
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