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Lowchen Dogs - Affable by Nature

Löwchen picture The plural of Löwchen is the same word, no "s" and it is pronounced "Lerv-chun". Germany, Russia and France have all laid claim to the Lowchen. The name literally translates from German as Little Lion. It is written with or without the umlaut mark. The origins of the Lowchen are, like most breeds over 400 year old, rather obscure, but it is recognized as a member of a group of dogs known as the Bichons which contains such breeds as the Bichon Frisé the Maltese, Bolognese and the Havanese. From common roots, each has developed into a distinct separate breed. The Lowchen nearly became extinct in the 1960s and at one time was described in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest of purebred dogs which is doubtful. Thanks to the great efforts of two English Toy dog breeders, Mrs. Stenning and Mrs. Banks specimens were imported from Germany to Britain and were then very closely inbred several times, resulting in a narrow genetic base. In spite of this, the Lowchen breed remains remarkably free from major hereditary problems, but Patella luxation is seen occasionally, although it's considered to be rare.
Dog: 8.8 - 17.6 lbs. (4 - 8 kg) (FCI)
Height: 10 - 12.9 in. (25 - 32 cm) (FCI)
Height: 10 - 13 in. (25 - 33 cm) at withers (UK & CAN)
Height: 12 - 14 in. (30.5 - 35.5 cm) at withers (USA)
Exercise Requirements: Low
Grooming: Regular brushing to prevent matting
Other dogs and pets: Very good
Ease of training: Good
Function: Family companion
Watchdog: Very good
Other Name: Little Lion Dog
Life Expectancy: 12 - 14 years.
The Lowchen is a naturally very happy, inquisitive, affectionate and outgoing small dog breed, intelligent and highly trainable, responsive to commands. Although quite energetic they do not require a lot of exercise. Decidedly, they are indoor dogs, not for outdoor or kennel living. It moves effortlessly with good reach and drive and it holds its head and tail proudly. As for height, there is quite a variation with the European standard FCI, allowing 8-14 inches 20-36 cm. while in Britain and Canada it is 10-13 inches 25-33 cm. and in the US it is 12-14 inches or 30-36 cm. All colors of coats and color combinations are equally acceptable. In the untrimmed state, the coat is long and moderately soft in texture and with a slight to moderate wavy appearance. The coat is trimmed in the traditional Lion trim, best described in the breed standard. The Lowchen gets along well with children and other animals including dogs and is a good choice as a family pet.
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