The Standard Poodle dog - A marvelous family pet.

A true water dog, hunting dog, and family dog.

Standard Poodle picture

Breed History:

The Standard Poodle history is basically the same as the Toy and Miniature. They are descendants of continental water dogs, known in Europe, particularly in Germany and Russia, dating back to the 1500s. Similar dogs also existed and played their part, as in France, known as the "Caniche" or "chien canard" a reflection of its duck hunting ability. Germany is credited with naming the breed, "Pfudel" akin to puddle or splash, and they graded sizes into "kleine" meaning small, "mittlere" for medium, and "grosse" denoting large. It was popular with the French aristocracy, becoming the national dog of France. Even today, one hears the name French Poodle. The traditional trim was not for esthetic purposes originally, but practical reasons, leaving the hair long to protect the heart and chest from cold water, clipping the legs decreased drag while swimming. It was the French who added pompons and ribbons which are seen in the performance and show rings today. By 1960, Poodles were the most popular breed in America, and still rank high today, for good reasons.
Height:  More than 15 in. (38 cm) at withers.
Usual Height:  Over 21 in. (53 cm) at withers.
Weight:  45 - 65 lbs. (20.5 - 29.5 kg).
Energy:   Quite high.
Affection:  Quite affectionate.
Shedding:  A little.
Playfulness:  Very playful.
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Protection:  Very Good.
Friendliness with other dogs:  Quite friendly.
Friendliness with strangers:  Initially Reserved.
Bonding:  Bonds to the whole family.
With Children:  Excellent.
Trainability:  Very High.
Other Name:  Caniche, French Poodle.
Life Expectancy: 10 - 13 years.

Poodle Appearance:

The Poodle is a square proportioned dog with an elegant appearance and proud carriage. Poodle puppies come in many colors, preferably solid colors, such as whites, blacks, reds, blues, grays, silvers, browns, cafe-au-laits, apricots and creams. The coat of a parti-colored, or Parti Poodle, is not, according to the breed standard, which requires an even solid color at the skin. The Parti is of two or more colors. This is considered a major fault! Poodles come in three sizes, and many colors, but are considered one breed. The Miniature variety, or Mini Poodle is the mid size of the three. As for grooming, its low dander, almost non-shedding coat, needs frequent brushing to prevent matting. He makes a good choice for asthma sufferers. The various clips are a matter of taste for the average owner, but if exhibited at dog shows, the clipping rules are explicit, and must be strictly adhered to, as per the Breed Standard. Most family dogs are given the traditional puppy clip. It's a practical trim, and very good looking.

Poodle Information:

Although the Poodle requires some daily grooming, brushing to keep the coat from matting, it actually sheds very little. It is considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. If you suffer from allergies, like asthma, this might be the perfect breed for you. It is a good choice. Check it out by visiting a breeder for a self test, a breeder who only has Poodles on the premises, so as to get non-corrupted test results. Do you want more information on this Variety of Poodle? It's a medium size breed, perfect for many families with children. For Standard Poodle breeders, who have Standard Poodle puppies for sale, see the breeders section. If there are no Poodle breeders nearby, see the Canadian Poodle breed club. See also the Canadian Poodle rescue. The American Poodle breed club, or Poodle rescue contacts, might have other breeder information.


The Standard Poodle is one of the smartest, and most obedient, easiest dogs to train. He is alert, lively, and most eager to please. Some may bark a lot. He retains his hunting heritage, which is a pleasant surprise to many prospective purchasers. He loves to swim, run and retrieve. Some dogs may be initially reserved with strangers. They are good with other pets, dogs, and small children. He makes a superb companion, enjoying the pampered life. He is an excellent watchdog when needed. Shyness or sharpness is considered a major fault.

Standard Poodle Health Issues:

The major health problems are: Sabaceous adenitis (a cosmetic disorder - lumps grow under the skin.), Gastric Torsion (or canine bloat, a life threatening condition), Addison's Disease (refers to hypoadrenocorticism - not enough). Minor concerns are: Epilepsy (a chronic condition characterized by recurrent seizures), Distichiasis (improperly placed eyelashes), Entropion (the eyelid rolls inward - eyelashes scratch and cause pain), Cataracts (same as in humans), CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia). Occasional problems are: PDA (congenital heart defect in dogs), vWD (common inherited bleeding disorder).