Shiba Inu, a medium size dog from Japan.

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Shiba Inu, a Shiba Inu picture, finding breeders with an adult Shiba Inu for sale.
For conformation details on this medium size dog, see the Shiba Inu dog breed standard.
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Shiba Inu picture

Shiba Inus come in three coat colors.
Shown here is the bright Orange-Red Shiba.
The Shiba Inu Dog
Meaning, the Little Dog

The Shiba Inu is considered the oldest of Japan's
native breeds.  He is a diminutive member of the Spitz
family.  In December of 1936, the Japanese government
designated the Shiba Inu, to be a precious natural product
of Japan, and shortly following that the Shiba Inu was given
official recognition, in Japan.  During World War II, the
Shiba nearly became extinct.  This energetic and lively dog
has been used for hunting small game by sight and scent
in the mountainous areas of Japan.

Shibas, smallest of the Japanese native breeds, are
compact, very well muscled, alert, agile and possess keen
senses.  The Shiba Inu should always exhibit a harmonious
balance of form, color, movement, and temperament above
all.  They can be aggressive towards other dogs, and rather
reserved towards strangers, but with their family, Shibas
are friendly, affectionate and outgoing.   They make
excellent watchdogs and amiable companions.
Consider a Shiba Inu puppy for a family
dog with character and pluck.

Dog:  14½ - 16½ in. (37 - 42 cm) at withers.  
Bitch:  13½ - 15½ in. (34 - 39 cm) at withers.
Weight:  20 - 30 lb. (9.1 - 13.6 kg).                  
Protection:  Good.                                                
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                         
Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.                       

Want info on this medium size dog, the Shiba Inu dog, and breeders who might have a Shiba Inu puppy for sale?  See the dog breeders section.  If no nearby Shiba Inu breeders, see the Cdn. Shiba Inu dog club, Shiba Inu rescue or the US Shiba Inu dog club, Shiba Inu rescue to get advice on other dog breeders in your area.
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