Australian Shepherd dog, a medium size dog breed.

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Australian Shepherd Dog - Hard Worker - Loyal Companion.

Australian Shepherd picture The history of the Australian Shepherd, or Aussie as it is affectionately known, is obscure.   It most likely originated in the Basque region, a section of Spain, but was taken by the Basque herders to Australia when they migrated there in the 1800s, and then subsequently, came to the western United States, accompanied by their dogs and sheep. In the US it was named Australian Shepherd after its last place of residence, Australia, but it was also known as the Spanish Shepherd and Bob-Tail. The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) was formed in 1957, and became the largest Aussie registry in America. Because of opposition to AKC recognition of the breed however, proponents of the AKC recognition formed the United States Australian Shepherd Association. AKC recognition followed in 1993. The popularity of the breed according to AKC statistics, is underestimated because a large proportion of the breed remains unregistered with the AKC. The Canadian and Mexican Kennel Clubs gave full recognition to the Australian Shepherd in 1976.
Dog:  20 - 23 inches (51 - 58 cm).
Weight:  50 - 65 lb. (22.7 - 29.5 kg).
Bitch:  18 - 21 inches (46 - 53 cm).
Weight:  40 - 55 lb. (18.2 - 25 kg).
Playfulness:  Very High.
Exercise Needs:  Very High.
Trainability:  Very High.
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Protection:  Good.
Life Expectancy:  12 - 15 years.
The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, active, medium size dog, good natured and very affectionate.  It is well balanced, slightly longer than it is tall.   It is attentive, animated, well built, muscular, with stamina to work all day, yet agile, and with an even disposition, being seldom quarrelsome.   It may be quite reserved when meeting strangers, but any display of shyness, fear or aggression is considered a serious fault. To do their work, the Australian Shepherd dog requires daily exercise to maintain fitness and good muscle tone. They also require regular brushing to minimize shedding, which is quite a lot, and to clear the dense hair of burrs and other prickly weed seeds. It comes in a variety of colors with individuality.   The Aussie is good with children and makes a very good family pet and watchdog. Australian Shepherds are blessed with intelligence, and an Australian Shepherd puppy will learn fast, and soon do very well in agility and obedience trials.
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