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The Bearded Collie dog
With a Puckish Sense of Humor

As the Bearded Collie dog was owned by peasant folk rather
than nobility, no written records were kept.  Historians can but
guess at the origin of the Beardie, as it is affectionately called.
One theory is that Polish mariners, in the 1500s, traded Polski
Owczarek Nizinny dogs, with Scotland for prized Scottish sheep.
These dogs were then bred with local Highland Collies and their
offspring became known as the Bearded Collie.  Others believe
that Bearded Collies, like so many other shaggy herding dogs,
are descended from early Komondorok of central Europe.

By the end of the Victorian period, the breed was quite
popular in Southern Scotland both as a herding dog and as a
show dog, but since no club existed, there was no breed standard.
Finally, in Britain, a club was formed in 1955, and the Kennel
Club admitted registrations in 1959.  From the Miscellaneous
Classes in 1974, followed by the AKC register opened in 1976, it
was first shown in the Working Group in 1977 and then in the
Herding Group in 1983 where it remains today.

The Bearded Collie is a medium size dog, hardy, agile,
active, a whirlwind of energy and playful stamina needing lots of
outdoor exercise.  Being very intelligent, it is highly trainable.
It sheds quite a lot and so grooming at least twice a week should
be on the agenda.  They are good with children and bond to the
whole family making them a good family pet.
Bearded Collie picture

Bearded Collie dog

Dog Height:  21 - 22 ins. (53 - 56 cm).   
Bitch Height:  20 - 21 ins. (51 - 53 cm).
Weight:  45 - 55 lb. (20.5 - 25 kg).        
Watchdog:  Very good.                            
Life Expectancy:  12 - 14 years.           

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