Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael.
Formerly known as the Belgian Sheepdog.
Belgian Shepherd Dog
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Belgian Shepherd Dog
A Dog of Many Talents.

Throughout history the Belgian Shepherd Dog or
Groenendael has earned its reputation as a truly well
rounded dog.   Its talents are many, a few of which are:
obedience, tracking, schutzhund, herding, sledding, police
work, search and rescue, guide dogs, and as therapy dogs,
making them, not only good pets, but invaluable
members of our society.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is intelligent, courageous,
alert, and devoted to its master.   It is the protector of its
master as well as his property.   It is ever watchful, attentive
and vigilant with all strangers, but not apprehensive, shy, or
vicious.   With those it knows well, it is most affectionate and
friendly, zealous of their attention and very possessive.   The
Belgian Shepherd Dog has a very high degree of trainability.
It sheds, and so should be groomed frequently.   They are
good with children, make excellent watchdogs and all
things considered, a nice companion dog to have.

Dog:   24 - 26 in. (61 - 66 cm) at withers.  
Bitch:   22 - 24 in. (56 - 61 cm) at withers.
Weight:  60 - 65 lb. (27.3 - 29.5 kg).           
Trainability:  Very high.                               
Watchdog:  Excellent.                                    
Protection:  Excellent.                                   
Life Expectancy:  10 - 12 years.                   
Belgian Shepherd Dog picture

            Groenendael - Belgian Shepherd Dog
            Formerly known as the Belgian Sheepdog

It should be noted that in Canada, the breed name "Belgian Shepherd Dog" includes four varieties that are similar in size and body outline, differing only in length and type of coat.   There are two long-haired varieties: the solid black, Groenendael and the fawn-or-grey-with-black-overlay, Tervuren.   The short-coated variety in fawn with black overlay is the Malinois, and the rough-haired variety in fawn, red brown or grey is called the Laeken or Laekenois.   In the U.S. they are separate breeds, but the Laeken is not yet recognized by the AKC.

Want information on the Belgian Shepherd Dog, and breeders who have a Belgian Shepherd Dog puppy for sale, see the Groenendael, Belgian Shepherd Dog breeders.   If no nearby breeders, see the Cdn. Club, Belgian Shepherd Dog rescue or the USA Club, Belgian Shepherd Dog rescue for someone who can advise you of breeders in your area.
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