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The Border Collie
Working Ability -Top Priority

The Border Collie, developed in England, dates
back several centuries with a description of the breed
being made by Caius (1570).   It is thought to have some
Old English Sheepdog and the Bearded Collie infused into
its bloodlines.   It has been known by many different names
including the Shepherd's Dog, the English Collie, the
Working Collie and presently, the Border Collie.

While many breeds were pampered and fostered by the
nobility, the Shepherd's dog was always valued more for his
working ability than appearance and today, it is still the top
priority.   Many consider the Border Collie to be the finest
of sheep-herding dogs in the world.   This medium size dog
comes in many colors, with black and white being the usual
colors.   A Border Collie puppy is alert and responsive,
learns very quickly.   The breed is blessed with
intelligence and a very strong desire to
learn, work and please.

Border Collies are high energy dogs needing not only
plenty of exercise, but lots of work to tax them.   They are
inclined to be aloof with strangers and therefore excellent
watchdogs, and they are considered good with children.
The short to medium double coat sheds a bit, but only
needs grooming about once a week.   He thrives
on human companionship.
Border Collie picture
A Border Collie
Sporting the Traditional Coat

Dog:  19 - 22 in. (48 - 56cm) at withers.   
Bitch:  18 - 21 in. (46 - 53 cm) at withers.
Exercise:  Lots.                                              
Trainability:  Very high.                             
Watchdog:  Very good.                                
Life Expectancy:  10 - 14 years.                

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