Collie dog, a large dog breed.

Title Rough coated Collie, Smooth coated Collie
Rough Collie dog and Smooth Collie dog with a Collie picture plus finding a Collie for sale. For conformation details on this herding dog, see the Collie dog breed standard below. See the Collie breeders section to find a Collie puppy for sale. See the Collie dog club, Collie rescue for more info.

The Collie Dog - A Devoted Family Companion

Rough Collie picture, Smooth Collie picture The Collies are natives of Scotland and it is thought that all of the varieties share a common ancestry.  The breed is often, but erroneously referred to as the "Scotch Collie".  The earliest reference to the Collie appears in Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" written in the 14th century.  The dogs, in those days, were used to watch over the flocks, round up strays and escort them to market.
When fanciers, in the early part of the 19th century began keeping written pedigrees, the breed began to progress rapidly and gained in size.  A dog by the name of "Old Cockie", born in 1867 is credited with stamping characteristic type on the Rough Collie and with introducing factors which lead to the development of the sable color.  Up to that time, the colors were mainly black, black and white, tan and white and tortoise shell, now called blue merle.  It was when Queen Victoria first travelled to Balmoral, that she saw a Collie dog, and was so impressed with its cleverness, she became an instant supporter of the breed.  Soon they were establish in the royal kennel at Windsor and shortly thereafter the Collie breed was in vogue everywhere, including the wealthy kennels along the Hudson river, and on Long Island, New York.
Dog:  24 - 26 in. (61 - 66 cm) at shoulder.
Weight:  60 - 75 lb. (27.3 - 34.1 kg).
Bitch:  22 - 24 in. (56 - 61 cm) at shoulder.
Weight:  50 - 65 lb. (22.7 - 29.5 kg).
With Other Pets:  Very Good.
Other Name:  Scotch Collie, Lassie dog.
Watchdog:  Excellent.
Life Expectancy:  8 - 12 years.
The Collie dog is elegant and beautiful looking, very loyal and affectionate in all its actions.  Immortalized in the "Lassie" series of movies, the Rough Coated Collie gained a huge following.  A Collie is a self-appointed guardian of everything it can see or hear. The Collie dog represents, to its many admirers, the ideal companion.  No matter which variety, the Rough Collie or the lesser known Smooth Collie, a Collie puppy is an excellent choice for a family. They bond to the entire family and are rated excellent with children.  Collies are lithe, strong, responsive, active dogs, carrying no "useless timber," standing naturally straight and firm. The Collie presents a very impressive and proud picture of balance and proportion.  It is a moderately active dog and requires a fairly large home.  It sheds quite a bit and so requires regular grooming, at least once a week.  A Collie puppy is very intelligent and responds well to formal training.
Want info on this large dog breed, the Rough Collie dog or Smooth Collie dog, and breeders who have a Collie puppy for sale?  See the Collie breeders.  If no nearby Collie breeders, see the Cdn. Collie dog club, Collie rescue or the US Collie dog club, Collie rescue to get advice on other Collie breeders whereabouts.

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