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Giant dog and Breeders with Available Puppies for Sale.

So you would like a giant dog, and would like to have information about these enormous breeds, and are searching for breeders? Well, here they are! These dogs do have advantages like surpisingly mellow, relaxed temperaments, and they need less exercise than many smaller breeds, and most make better pets for protection. There are also disadvantages of all big dogs. A giant dog, eats more, and such a tall dog requires more expensive equipment such as, a much bigger bed, collar, toys, grooming and kenneling requirements. Joint problems can be prevalent in big dogs, and most have shorter life expectancies. These breeds exceed 75lbs. and are over 27 inches (68.5cm) tall at the withers. Sizes were arbitrarily chosen and heights are noted in parentheses(). Most make great pets. Some are excellent with children, while others, are best suited for livestock or adults only. Read about their traits, and see lots of breed pictures.

Big Dogs

Afghan Hound (27" +/- 1")

Anatolian Shepherd Dog (29"+)

Bouvier des Flandres (27½")

Bullmastiff (25"-27")

Giant Schnauzer (25½"-27½")

Great Dane (32" +)

Great Pyrenees (27"-32")

Greater Swiss Mtn Dog (25½"-28½")

Greyhound (30")

Irish Wolfhound (32" min.)

Komondor Dog (27½" +)

Kuvasz Dog (28"-30")

Leonberger Dog (28"-31")

Mastiff Dog (30" min.)

Newfoundland Dog (28" +/-)

Scottish Deerhound (30"-32")

St. Bernard (27½" min.)

The Tall Dog Breeders

Afghan Hound breeders

Anatolian Shepherd Dog breeders

Bouvier des Flandres breeders

Bullmastiff breeders

Giant Schnauzer breeders

Great Dane breeders

Great Pyrenees breeders

Greater Swiss Mtn Dog breeders

Greyhound breeder

Irish Wolfhound breeders

Komondor breeders

Kuvasz breeders

Leonberger breeders

Mastiff breeders

Newfoundland Dog breeders

Scottish Deerhound breeders

St. Bernard breeders

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