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Large Dogs and Large Dog Breeders with puppies for sale

Learn about large dogs, or the large dog breeds, listed alphabetically. Size was arbitrarily chosen as greater than 22 inches up to 27 inches. Heights are listed in parentheses(). Many are gun dogs, bird dogs, working breeds or guard dogs. They make good companions, suited for hunting or guarding livestock etc. Some do well in city environments and are excellent with children, while others, need, lots of country space for exercise. Learn their traits and needs, and see large dog breed pictures and find dog breeders with puppies.

The Big Dogs

Afghan Hound (27" +/- 1")

Airedale Terrier (23")

Akita (25"-28")

Alaskan Malamute (25")

Belgian Malinois (24"-26")

Belgian Shepherd (24"-26")

Belgian Tervuren (24"-26")

Bernese Mtn Dog (25"-27½")

Bloodhound (25"-27")

Bouvier des Flandres (24½"-27½")

Briard (23"-27")

Bullmastiff (25"-27")

Chesapeake Bay Retriever (23"-26")

Collie (24"-26")

Curly-Coated Retriever (25"-27")

Doberman Pinscher (26"-28")

English Foxhound (23"-27")

English Pointer (25"-28")

English Setter (25" +/-)

Flat-Coated Retriever (23"-24½")

German Shepherd Dog (24"-26")

German Shorthair Pointer (23"-25")

German Wirehair Pointer (24"-26")

Giant Schnauzer (25½"-27½")

Golden Retriever (23"-24")

Gordon Setter (24"-27")

Greater Swiss Mtn Dog (25½"-28½")

Ibizan Hound (23½"-27½")

Irish Setter (27")

Irish Water Spaniel (22"-24")

Labrador Retriever (22½"-24½")

Old English Sheepdog (22")

Otterhound (27")

Pharaoh Hound (23"-25")

Rhodesian Ridgeback (25"-27")

Rottweiler (24"-27")

Saluki (23"-28")

Spinone Italiano (23½"-27½")

Weimaraner (25"-27")

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (22"-24")

The Big Dog Breeders

Afghan Hound breeders

Airedale Terrier breeders

Akita breeders

Alaskan Malamute breeders

Belgian Malinois breeders

Belgian (Sheepdog) Shepherd breeders

Belgian Tervuren breeders

Bernese Mountain Dog breeders

Bloodhound breeders

Bouvier des Flandres breeders

Briard breeders

Bullmastiff breeders

Chesapeake Bay Retriever breeders

Collie breeders

Curly-Coated Retriever breeders

Doberman Pinscher breeders

English Foxhound breeders

English Pointer breeders

English Setter breeders

Flat-Coated Retriever breeders

German Shepherd Dog breeders

German Shorthaired Pointer breeders

German Wirehaired Pointer breeders

Giant Schnauzer breeders

Golden Retriever breeders

Gordon Setter breeders

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breeders

Ibizan breeders

Irish Setter breeders

Irish Water Spaniel breeders

Labrador Retriever breeders

Old English Sheepdog breeders

Otterhound breeders

Pharaoh Hound breeders

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders

Rottweiler breeders

Saluki breeders

Spinone Italiano breeders

Weimaraner breeders

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon breeders

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