Basenji dog – A medium size dog

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The Basenji Hound He is Barkless, but “Yodels”

The Basenji dog
The Basenji dog

The Basenji is one of the oldest breeds – of ancient Egypt. He is a short haired, short backed and lightly built member of the sub-group of hounds known as the “Sighthounds.” The Basenji appears high on the leg compared to his length. His wrinkled head is proudly carried on a well arched neck, his body is level, his tail set on high, and curled. Elegant and graceful, the whole demeanor of Basenjis is one of poise and inquiring alertness. The balanced structure and the smooth musculature enables it to move with ease and agility. The Basenji hunts silently, by both sight and scent.

Basenjis can make a noise if needed, which Basenji fanciers affectionately call yodeling. He is a medium sized dog, very intelligent, independent, affectionate, alert, and has the potential to be highly trainable for experienced persons. They are able to outsmart their quarry when out hunting, but some owners find this ability too much of a challenge in the home. Basenjis are always ready for play and are gentle, but can be destructive if bored. They are fastidiously clean dogs, shed a little, so require brushing about once a week. They enjoy and need a daily walk. Basenjis can be aloof with strangers and do make excellent watchdogs.

Dog Ideal Height: 17 in. (43 cm)
Weight: 24 lb. (11 kg)
Bitch Ideal Height: 16 in. (41 cm)
Weight: 22 lb. (10 kg)
Life Expectancy: 12 – 14 years
Other Names: Congo Dog; Congo Terrier