Saluki dog – A sighthound

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Saluki, Graceful and Clean-cut, like a Thoroughbred

Ancient portrayals in art and carvings dating back to the Sumerian empire, some 9000 years ago, predating even the Egyptian era, suggest that the Saluki is the oldest breed known to mankind. It may well have originated in Syria then ranged to Egypt, Persia, Afghanistan and even India. Islamic people generally consider dogs as “unclean” but the Saluki was believed to be a gift from Allah and therefore sacred and anything it caught and killed could be eaten.

The Saluki dog
The Saluki dog

Salukis were never sold, instead, they were given as precious gifts or tributes to worthy sheiks. Over the years the Saluki was known by many names, including “Slughi”, “Eastern Greyhound”, “Persian Greyhound” and “Arabian Gazelle Hound”.

The name “Saluki” may have derived from the Syrian town of Seleukia. The Arabian bred variety was a smaller smooth coated dog than those from Persia which had more feathering on the ears legs and tail.

Salukis are sighthounds, hunting by means of keen eyesight and remarkable speed. They come in many colors. Quietly affectionate and bonding closely to their master, they are good with children and good watchdogs too, without being aggressive. Requiring moderate accommodation and some weekly grooming, they make a good family addition.