Schipperke dog, a small dog breed

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The Schipperke
The Schipperke

Schipperke Dog or “The Little Skipper”

Schipperkes were regarded as dogs of the lower classes, a favorite with workers and shoemakers, and they were often used to guard the many canal barges which moved goods between Brussels and Antwerp. Since his name derives from the Flemish word schip which means boat, and because of its popularity with bargemen, it is not surprising that it has developed so many nicknames, the
“Little Boatman” or “Little Captain”, “Little Bargeman” and the ever popular “Little Skipper”.

The Schipperke is agile, active, and a hunter of vermin. It is a small dog breed, a great companion although it can be independent and headstrong. Its adventurous, active temperament means that it needs daily exercise, not a lot, but something that will challenge it both mentally and physically like a good game followed by a vigorous walk. In appearance it is thickset, cobby, black and tailless, and with a fox-like face. In profile, the Schipperkes are square and possess a distinctive coat, which includes a standout ruff, cape and culottes, creating an unique silhouette.

It is curious, and interested in everything, an excellent faithful watchdog, reserved with strangers, confident and ever ready to protect its family and property, if necessary. They require
modest living space, but need lots of daily exercise. Grooming its double coat once a week, a good brushing, is enough. Maybe you should consider a Schipperke puppy for your family.