Koreans At Their Worst – Killing & Eating Dogs and Cats

dog cruelty
dog cruelty

This is a wake up call for all westerners who love dogs and cats and who keep them as valued members of their families. Did you know that in Korea there is an evil, cruel practice of killing dogs for food. Dog meat is touted as being a substance which can boost the sexual prowess of men. The fact that this theory is absolutely false makes no difference. A profitable commerce has been established. Big money is involved and has corrupted the Government.

Dogs, waiting their turn & knowing the cruel end they are about to meet.

The eating of dogs for food is not a new controversy for South Korea, as this photo from 1988 indicates. The photo originally accompanied a story on dog meat sales by The Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The government banned the killing of dogs for food, in locations frequented by visitors, during the Olympics. They were afraid of upsetting Westerners visiting their country.

dogs in cages
dogs in cages

The Koreans who eat these poor dogs, take great delight in watching the poor animals die, wagging their tails in a last moment’s desperate, but futile plea for mercy. It is believed the more the dog suffers in death, the better tasting the meat! You better believe it, they know how to make it prolonged and painful. Slow hanging and burning the hair off with propane torches is common practise. Cats receive equal treatment, shoved into sacs which are then smashed against brick walls until the poor animals are pulverized. Then they are liquified in blender machines and sold as drinks.

Let it be clearly understood, we, at Dogbiz.com are not anti-Korean, and since this wicked, greedy practice, is strictly for money, nor can it be considered interfering with their culture. That is a common misconception some westerners have, usually because they don’t have all the facts. We are dog lovers, and we just want this slaughter stopped. Many Koreans have told us, they want it stopped too, Saying that “they are ashamed and embarrassed”.

Well, it is up to the Korean people themselves to stop this evil practice. Eventually, they will bring this slaughter to an end. For dog and cat lovers worldwide, including Korea, that time cannot come quick enough.

Something to Think About!

Dogs and man have been living together, helping each other, for more than 30,000 years according to anthropoligists. That represents about 1000 generations. Geneticists believe the figure is closer to 100,000 years.

They were dangerous times, 30,000 years ago. Man’s weapons for hunting and protection were primitive and enemies were everywhere, two legged and four. Often, a dog’s warning of danger was how a man survived. If a dog saved the life of its master 30,000 years ago, then all descendants of that man, also owe their existence to that dog. Supose a man had two children in each generation and that there have been 1000 generations since that time, it means that 2 to the power of 1000 or 21000 would represent the number of people today, who owe their existence to that dog. That number, 21000 is a number greater than all the people who have ever lived! Saving its master’s life was common place until fairly recent times. In the last 300 years St. Bernards alone, have been credited with saving over 3000 people from snow avalanches in Europe. Think about how many people today owe their existence to those St. Bernards. Newfoundland Dogs, better not forget them, because over the decades they have saved countless children, adults, and shipwrecked mariners from drowning. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that every man and woman on the face of this earth probably owes his/her existence to some dog, way back. Don’t you think that dogs have earned special protected status, worldwide. We do!

What can we do about this insidious practice? Boycott all products made in Korea

We at Dogbiz.com have joined the boycott of all goods manufactured in Korea. We ask you to do the same. Everyone has the right to this decision. If the practice of slaughtering dogs and cats upsets you, you certainly have the right to choose other products. It is very easy. Just look at the label to discover where the product was made. If it was made in Korea, look some more. Spread the word to all dog and cat lovers and ask them to help. Tell the Korean government embassy in your country that you won’t buy their goods.